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U.S. PATENT #6,898,897

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PLEASE ALLOW US TO INTRODUCE YOU TO TheCrevice! This exciting new product from Blue Creek Industries, Inc. is exactly that: new, unique and patented with the United States Patent Office. TheCrevice is a pure gel bait presentation device.

TheCrevice will and should be in the hands of every pest control operator in the country. It offers these operators options never before available. It offers the company owners many ways to increase productivity, efficiency, comply with label directions (crack and crevice) and save money.

TheCrevice is available in two versions. the place/toss version and the peel and stick version. Both of these unique products will enhance your professional applications. Each version has its own purpose and properties to ensure that you get the best results from your gel baiting techniques. No matter which target insect you are pursuing these devices will produce the results you are seeking while increasing you professional image.

WHAT A GREAT SELLING TOOL! Be one of the first to show up at a job displaying TheCrevice(s) to the owners or management. They will be impressed knowing that you care about there personal possessions, property and local environment. Explain to them the advantages of fresh gel bait and how TheCrevice may be discreetly placed while not coming in contact with their possessions.

TheCrevice is a true Integrated Pest Management tool. Actual crevice applications are now available anywhere. Stop applying gel bait directly on surfaces, stop squirting baits into areas that you cannot reach even with a bait gun extension, stop placing baits on sensitive surfaces. If there is no natural crack or crevice for proper application, you now have one at you finger tips.

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