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Features of TheCrevice

  • Save Money $$$ - There is an immediate and evident cost savings. Compare the price of TheCrevice bait presentation device with the cost of a solid bait insect bait station. Surprise, dramatic savings! Multiply by the amount of solid bait insect bait stations used annually, enormous savings are evident.
  • Labor Savings $$$ — Imagine having to gel bait a drop ceiling for cockroaches. Up the ladder, remove a tile and bait accordingly. Replace the tile, move the ladder and up again and again and again! You get The picture. With TheCrevice you only have to remove one tile and toss the baited devices in any and all directions necessary. The unique patented design of TheCrevice prohibits the properly placed bait from touching surfaces no matter how TheCrevice lands. Time is money and this is just one example of how large amounts of time can be saved.
  • Options — You have the option of using as much or as little gal bait as necessary. Some jobs will require you to fill all of The crevices while others may only necessitate a couple of grams of gel bait. You Decide! Unlike a contained bait station which automatically requires that you place the entire dosage which is already in the station.
  • Gel bait vs Solid bait — Whenever an insect bait application is necessary it is always preferable to offer the insects fresh gel bait rather than a solid bait. Plus when TheCrevice is empty it does not offer the insects an enclosed harborage for nesting like an empty solid bait station.
  • Reduced Bait Usage — Ever try to bait down behind a stove or at the rear of a home or commercial refrigeration unit? The only way possible up till now, without moving the appliance, is to hold the bait gun or syringe as dose as possible to the target area and squeeze the trigger or push the syringe, squirting the bait. This procedure distributes entirely too much gel bait in one spot(s) and none in others, but overall just too much bait! With TheCrevice you can just bait any or all of the crevices and place or toss the device where you wish. You can easily get your baits to the areas that were inaccessible, up till now!
  • Protection of Clients Property — Place the gel bait into the crevice(s) and place or toss the device. The unique patented design prohibits the properly inserted bait from coming into contact with the customer’s persona! property. Fine wood cabinets/furniture, food packages, appliances, rugs etc. Applying around sensitive items such as computers, expensive televisions, audiovisual equipment and surfaces that can stain require the proper application techniques and TheCrevice gives you that edge. Nobody wants lines or droplets of dried gel bait left on their possessions or moldings after baiting for ants. With TheCrevice the bait may be easily removed at your at the customers discretion.
  • Peel and Stick—The peel and stick version is superior to any regular solid bait insect station for many reasons. It offers a clear view of remaining bait which allows for easy additional bait placement in the same device. It is a true crevice application not a surface application. The quality 3M® tape is made to stay on the surface. You may apply or replace baits in the amounts you decide. Also due to its size, TheCrevice allows for a much more discreet placement out of view!
  • The Easy Peel — We worked extensively with 3M engineers to come up with a custom and technician-friendly peel and stick tape that uniquely suits TheCrevice. You will immediately notice the extended overlay of the peel tape. This enables the user to easily grasp and remove the tape rather than pick at the corners to attempt the peel back. This "easy to use" custom feature will save time and improve productivity.
  • TheCrevice Surface — As you will note the exterior surface has been modified to provide a semi-rough surface rather than smooth. This provides an easy climbing surface for the target insects (ants/cockroaches).
  • Handle — The comfortable contoured handle allows for easy control of the device while placing the bait into the crevice(s).
  • Semi Circle Grip — The peel and stick version has a semi circle grip to hold while removing the tape and sticking to a surface. Bait is then applied.
  • Field Test— TheCrevice has been thoroughly field tested and there is no adverse resistance or reactions from insects to the materials of manufacture.
  • Removal — There are many instances when bait must or should be removed. TheCrevice allows you this option or you may relocate it to an active area. You or the customer may just pick it up after the infestation has ceased. No scraping died gel bait from moldings or cabinet surfaces
  • No Crack/Crevice — Sometimes there is just no crack or crevice present at the spot where The application will do the most good. TheCrevice immediately solves this problem; now there is always a crevice available allowing you to adhere to IPM standards and the true crack and crevice application methods. If necessary a ring at the end of the handle may be utilized with string or wire to provide a hanging gel bait station.

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